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The Jimmy is a neighborhood restaurant that takes its cue from the Mediterranean coasts of Italy and France, a region known for its casual, sunwashed elegance and unhurried pace.

(nice to meet you)

It is a celebration of an influential cuisine that is in turn influenced by many others, one that favors communal cooking, local ingredients, and straightforward preparations.


Our inspiration may come from overseas, but our roots are still here. So, we’ll aim to recreate the delicious simplicity of Italian favorites, enhance them with French techniques, and touch them with the flavors of our own seasonal ingredients.


We’ll take care of our friends from sunup to sundown—from coffee and pastries to cocktails and pasta. Like the many trattorias and bistros hugging the Mediterranean coastline, The Jimmy will be a vibrant place that locals can rely on and visitors can discover.

In these ways, Italian traditions are quite similar to our own here in the South.


sunup to


(and a little after)




It’s simple:

The menu at The Jimmy will follow the clock and the calendar. We want to be a reliable constant for our guests and keep things interesting for them at the same time.

In the morning, we’ll have coffee and fresh pastries from Copain ready to go.


Mid-day, we’ll feature light but satisfying Mediterranean-inspired fare.


At dinner, we’ll have a selection of housemade pastas, pizzas, and simple entrees that showcase the dramatic flavors of Italy and the freshest seasonal ingredients we can find.

A flair for the uncomplicated.

- Chef Jim Noble

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